Slowly beginning to gather some of the excerpts I play with during rehearsal. These are vocal journeys and stories I discover as I delve into the song, allowing it to guide me into it’s inner spaces.
These are not carefully prepared recordings.
Their structure or trajectory are not decided upon.
They are not recorded in a studio space or edited.
They are live searches, imperfect and vulnerable.
They are not recorded in a studio-because they have just been born- but they are usually born in spaces where others are searching too and you hear voices, props being dropped, creative noise.
I have been doing this for years and never sharing these “song landscapes”, but have decided to dig them out and share them with wonderful multi-instrumentalist #RafalHabel, who joins me on these journeys adding his “little touches” – as he calls them and revealing their beauty.
Here is the page where I will be publishing exerts of some of these song journeys. Thanks Rafal Habel for pushing me forward with this.
If you have any feedback, I would grateful appreciate it.
I recommend listening to the versions with the “little touches” of Rafał Habel!;)


Recorded at Wuppertal

Trying something out in a corner with a harmonium and a few pieces of paper, kneeled on the floor in a corner whilst others rehearse and improvise in their own corners… yet we share the same space. And their space becomes mine and mine, theirs. No one disturbs the other, all are focused and we all allow to be inspired by the others work. This is the process of building towards ISHAP… a beautiful collaboration with wonderful performers I am so grateful for. All under the direction of Samantha Shay and in her wonderful new space in Wuppertal, SAMMA.

The little touch is by Rafał H.


Recorded using my phone and harmonium somewhere during rehearsal. 

The little touch is the Pads and Bulgarian Kaval by Rafał H.

Plyve kacha po Tysyni
Пливе кача по Тисині

Only one verse of Ukrainian song recorded in poor conditions but with full heart…

Never the less It inspired to add some “little touch”

written by Rafał H.

More is coming...