Vocal Coaching

In English


Become the Public Speaker
You Want To Be

Release & Support

Building a strong vocal support – releasing physical tension, awareness of the breath and it’s capacity, preparation of the vocal articulation

Ditte Berkeley


Focus on what the aim of a speech or presentation is and making sure the speech is clear and its intention and delivery by the way we articulate it.


Becoming a clearer and confident public speaker who can carry and project a speech in front of a large audience!

Ditte Berkeley


“Ditte has given all her generous heart and shared her inspiring high-level skills throughout her coaching. She is truly a fantastic artist, an amazing, complete actress and a very experienced and attentive pedagogue. It is very rare to find such a level of accuracy and professionalism.“ 

Elouïse Mourot

“Ditte managed to create a land of freedom and confidence. A space that became very quickly very vivid and sensitive.

The techniques and tools she taught  us will now be included in my routine and I will pass them on to my fellows…”

“ My voice has never felt as grounded and rooted as it has during this workshop. It came as a surprise how free my voice became after only a few hours.” 

Kim Whatmore