King Lear

created by Source Material
directed by Samantha Shay

Premiere 2019, Los Angeles,CA

Photo by Joshua Ballinger

Source Material’s staging of King Lear is a transgressive collage of devised material around Shakespeare’s original text. Devoid of the title character, Source Material’s King Lear elevates the disenfranchised characters, who attempt to navigate the tumultuous world in which the abuse of power reigns supreme. This production blurs the line between narrative and non-narrative, classical and original, in a highly visual meditation on the consequences of patriarchy, transfiguring that which is familiar into an elemental dream escape.

An early stage of King Lear


Directed by Samantha Shay /// Original by Nini Julia Bang, Sophie Netanel, and Bob Wicks /// Scenic Design by Melanie Waingarten /// Lighting Design by Christine Ferriter /// Costume Design by Angela Trivino /// Original music by Jófríður Ákadóttir, Paul Evans, Áslaug Magnúsdóttir & Steve Nalepa /// Performed by Nini Julia Bang, Ditte Berkeley, Annemarie Debruijn, Annelise Lawson, and Bob Wicks ///

Premiere of King Lear

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